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Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Do you know about bsport?

Based in Barcelona, our company specializes in providing a verticalized Software as a Service (SaaS) platform similar to an ERP solution, offering a comprehensive “business in a box” experience tailored specifically for boutique fitness establishments. Our all-in-one features cover bookings, payroll, marketing and more, helping our partners streamline operations and boost their commercial success. Some of our clients feature SMB brick and mortar making 250,000 turnover in various types of industries ranging from yoga, crossfit, pilates, pole dance and more.

We have more than 2,000 clients in 40+ countries and continue to expand rapidly.

We provide our partners with:

  • Our platform - the heart of the system (B2B)

  • A white label iOS and Android mobile application (B2C)

  • An integrated Video on Demand tool

  • Our self-built Smart Marketing Suite

  • A webshop to up-sell and cross-sell different products

Our first successes

Since we launched in 2019, we have already achieved the following:

  • We’ve built a community of over 6 million users

  • Finalised a Series A Fundraising of $4+ million in December 2022

  • Grown our team to more than 150 employees

We’re continuing to grow our team to become the #1 tech partner for boutique studios in Europe and the rest of the world!

What your future position looks like:

As Head of Marketing, your role encompasses pivotal responsibilities vital to our organization’s growth and success. Drawing upon your robust marketing expertise, data driven solutions, and leadership acumen, you will lead our strategic marketing endeavors, shaping campaigns that drive tangible business outcomes. Your contributions will be instrumental in fostering a dynamic, high-growth environment where innovation thrives. Join us as we open our doors in the US and focus on our new fundraising (Serie B) for the end of the year.