Head of Marketing

Bengaluru, Bengaluru, India

Job Title: Head of Marketing

Location: Bangalore, India

Hiring Manager: Rajiv Naresh

About Navi

Navi is one of the fastest-growing financial services companies in India providing Personal & Home Loans, UPI, Insurance, Mutual Funds, and Gold. Navi's mission is to deliver digital-first financial products that are simple, accessible, and affordable. Drawing on our in-house AI/ML capabilities, technology, and product expertise, Navi is dedicated to building delightful customer experiences.

Key Responsibilities: This is a strategic leadership role in which we are looking for a candidate who will own the marketing and growth charter for the Navi Group; this would entail: 

Paid Marketing Leadership: Drive and oversee all paid marketing initiatives for Navi, ensuring our marketing strategies align with our business goals; own the marketing P&L and be responsible for delivering the most effective value in terms of customer acquisition and brand awareness across all paid channels, i.e., performance marketing, rewards, product marketing, influencer marketing, brand, social media SEO, etc.; 

Budget Allocation: Make data-driven decisions on how to effectively allocate the marketing budget across marketing channels and effectively manage expectations of business and product stakeholders in this regard; 

Build a coherent brand for Navi: Deploy effective strategies to drive brand awareness and recall for Navi and institute policies and guidelines to ensure uniformity in tone of voice for all content / engagement initiatives deployed across Navi;  

Cross-Functional Collaboration: Collaborate closely with the business and product teams to ensure marketing initiatives are aligned with and translate into outcomes that further Navi’s overall strategy 

Team Management: Lead, manage, and mentor a dynamic team comprising performance marketing, brand/ content marketing, and design professionals. Foster a culture of collaboration and ensure each team member contributes effectively to Navi's goals.


Proven experience in marketing (preferred), business or product roles, with a track record of driving growth at scale;

Strong analytical skills and the ability to make data-driven decisions and measure impact / ROI;

Strategic thinker with the capability to develop and execute a comprehensive marketing strategy aligned with Navi's goals and target audience;

Budget management experience, including optimizing spending and achieving cost-effective results.

Exceptional leadership, team management, collaboration and communication skills;

Ability to identify creative and innovative marketing campaigns and strategies that set Navi apart in a crowded market;

Adaptability to navigate the evolving marketing landscape and explore new trends and technologies. 

Our culture:  In achieving our mission, we look to build teams and identify people who demonstrate:

Perseverance, Passion, and Commitment

Passionate about Navi’s mission and vision

Demonstrate dedication, perseverance, and high ownership

Willing to go above and beyond even if it means taking on additional responsibilities

Obsession with high-quality results

Consistently create value for customers and stakeholders through high-quality outcomes

Ensure excellence in all aspects of their work

Efficiently manage their time, prioritise tasks, and maintain the highest standards when it comes to work

Willing to get their hands dirty and execute themselves 

Resilience and Adaptability

Adapt quickly to new roles, responsibilities, and changing circumstances, showing resilience and agility

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